Know what do before your competitors with A.I. driven competitive predictions

MarkeMole watches the competitive landscape and uses A.I. to give you up to the minute suggestions on product strategy, pricing, marketing and more.

How are we different?

Continuous configurable monitoring (pricing, attribution, news & social)
A.I. Generated Suggestions
Quantifiable Metrics for Strategy
Read any data(surveys, emails, reviews and social)
Pricing and Elasticity
Trending Issues
Insights From Raw Consumer Data
Historical Snapshots
Customizable Dashboards

Most Comprehensive And Affordable Pricing Tool On the Web!

Whether you’re a consumer, SMB or enterprise client, MarketMole can help you make and save money.

for CX plans

MarketMole CX insights is an A.I. tool for customer support, CX, product and marketing professionals that generates actionable suggestions and predictions about yours or competitors products and customers. Knowing what’s important to your customers and keeping them loyal requires constant effort, attention and analysis.

CX Insights keeps you on top of your audience needs by turning raw product and customer data into powerful predictions that drive marketing and product decisions. With a few clicks of a button, convert surveys, reviews, support emails, social listening data, virtually any customer or product data into quantifiable predictions for improving NPS, star rating or your baseline satisfaction metrics.

  • Turn consumer data(support emails, reviews, surveys, social) into insights and predictions
  • Know the most important issues to your audience with metrics on how they rate you
  • Concise reports breaking down yours or your competition’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Predict loyalty and get clear suggestions on how to market or improve products
  • Improve NPS, star rating and loyalty
  • A.I. Generated Product and Strategy Decisions
  • Know competitor strengths and weakness
for PX plans

MarketMole PX is a pricing automation and elasticity tool for online retailers. PX provides SMB, enterprise revenue and marketing managers with continuous price monitoring, product stock tracking, automated repricing, competitive insights, alerts and more. Get an up-to-the-minute holistic view of what’s happening with yours and competitors products. MarketMole PX can be applied to any page on the web, sending you notifications about product information as well as MAP violations and more.

  • Price Watch and Product Stock Watch
  • Repricing and Elasticity
  • Track competitor products over time
  • Monitor thousands of products
  • Compare the Price History of your products across different platforms and from different sellers on Amazon or Ebay
  • View the development of your product prices and competitor prices over time
  • See what prices work on which platforms and markets
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About the Company

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Phylum Data Suite is a revolutionary new platform that provides the power to unlock, harvest and transform boundless sources of web data into neatly organized sets of business intelligence at infinite scale. Our mission is to place the tech and the power of at scale alternative data mining in your hands. Our AI deep learning layer will help weed out the garbage and point to the hidden gems.

In addition to providing a core set of tools, Phylum engineers and advanced analysts are available for hands-on customization catering to any and all big data aggregation and modeling initiatives.