A.I. to turn raw consumer data into revenue generating predictive metrics in minutes.

MarkeMole CX reads surveys, support emails, social listening data, reviews or any raw consumer data in minutes and generates concise predictions for how to improve NPS, star ratings and increase revenue.

Upload consumer data to our cloud or run it in your own.

MarketMole CX Insights solves your consumer and product data pains. Get instant A.I. suggestions and supporting metrics with the click of a button. 

How are we different?

Any Consumer Data (customer emails, surveys, social listening data, reviews)
A.I. Generated Suggestions
Quantify Strategic Decisions
Auto Extraction of The Most Important Issues
Drill Down Into Issues
Predict The Effect of Issues
Know Competitors Weakness
Know Your Weakness
Historical Snapshots

Why MarketMole CX

MarketMole CX is a one of a kind A.I. that predicts what is most important for your business and tells you how to address it.

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About the Company

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Phylum Data Suite is a revolutionary new platform that provides the power to unlock, harvest and transform boundless sources of web data into neatly organized sets of business intelligence at infinite scale. Our mission is to place the tech and the power of at scale alternative data mining in your hands. Our AI deep learning layer will help weed out the garbage and point to the hidden gems.

In addition to providing a core set of tools, Phylum engineers and advanced analysts are available for hands-on customization catering to any and all big data aggregation and modeling initiatives.